Foundation Training Registration Form

Foundation Training Registration Form

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To register:
Print out and complete form and mail or fax to:

The Steel Foundation
Three Gateway Center, Suite 1900
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-1004
Fax Number (412)281-4657

To register: Complete one registration form per person and mail or fax to The Steel Foundation, Three Gateway Center, Suite 1900, Pittsburgh, PA 15222-1004, Fax Number (412) 281-2784. All forms of payment must be accompanied by a completed registration form. There will be no on-site registration.

Registration fees: Fees for all conferences are listed with each program description. Try to take advantage of the $100 savings by registering for the Advanced Registration Fee listed with each seminar. All fees must be paid in advance in US$. Accepted forms of payment are noted below.

Registration confirmation: You will receive a confirmation letter in the mail once your registration has been paid in full.

Cancellation/Substitution: If you must cancel, please fax a notice of cancellation to (412)281-2784 and a refund will be issued. Cancellations received less than two weeks prior to the event will be issued a credit voucher. If you would like to send a substitute, a new registration form must be faxed for that person which indicates the replaced person on the form.

Hotel accommodations: Each registrant is responsible for their own hotel accommodations. Information on location and hotel is available with each program description.

Company Discount: Save 10% per person with 3 or more registrants.






Foundation Training Registration Form

To register: Print out and complete form and mail or fax to:

The Steel Foundation
Three Gateway Center, Suite 1900
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-1004
Phone Number (412) 281-6323 Ext. 151
Fax Number (412)281-4657

Seminar Title _______________________________________________________
Nonmember _________ Member _________
First name ________________________________________ MI ______________
Last name  __________________________________________________________
Title _______________________________________________________________
Company _____________________________________________________________
Steel Metal Production __________  Services to the Industry _________
Business address ____________________________________________________
City ___________________________ State _________  Zip _______________
Business phone _____________________  Business fax __________________
email address _______________________________________________________
First name to appear on badge _______________________________________
                                        (If different than First Name)
Make checks payable to The Steel Foundation or charge:
_____ Visa _____ American Express _____ MasterCard

Registration Fee ($ Amount)  ________Adv. Reg. ________Late Reg.
Company Discount Yes  No
Card no. ____________________________________   Exp. date ___________
Signature ___________________________________________________________
Name on card ________________________________________________________
Where did you hear of this seminar? _________________________________

Select all areas of interest and responsibility that apply:

         INTEREST:                               RESPONSIBILITY:

[] Raw Materials                            [] Corporate
[] Coke/Coke By-Products                    [] Operations
[] Blast Furnace Ironmaking                 [] Quality Control
[] Alternative Ironmaking                   [] Engineering
[] Electric Steelmaking                     [] Maintenance
[] Oxygen Steelmaking                       [] Production Planning/Control
[] Steel Refining                           [] Construction
[] Casting                                  [] Equipment Design
[] Reheating                                [] Equipment Manufacturing
[] Hot Rolling                              [] Plant Services
[] Roll Shop                                [] Legal
[] Pickling                                 [] Finance
[] Cold Rolling                             [] Information Systems
[] Finishing                                [] Purchasing
[] Annealing/Heat Treating                  [] Sales/Marketing
[] Coating                                  [] Safety
[] Flat Products                            [] Environmental
[] Plate Products                           [] Energy/Combustion
[] Long Products                            [] Human Resources
[] Inspection/Testing                       [] Research & Development
[] Packaging/Warehousing/Shipping           [] Professor/Instructor
[] Sensors                                  [] Other _____________________
[] Automation/Process Control
[] Cranes                                        AFFILIATIONS:
[] Scrap Processing/Handling                [] AISE       [] ASM
[] Material Handling/Transportation         [] AISI       [] SMA    
[] Lubrication/Hydraulics                   [] ISS        [] TMS
[] Other _____________________              [] Other ________