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Guidelines Rules Application for 2001-2002

The Chicago District of the Association of Iron & Steel Engineers (AISE) takes great pleasure in continuing its scholarship program for the 2001-2002 school year by offering one, four-year scholarship. The scholarship recipient will receive $1,000 per year as long as he/she remains qualified.

The scholarship is available to a student who is either a dependent of the Chicago District (Active/Associate Member), or a student who maintains a Junior Membership, and who will be pursuing an education in an Engineering, Metallurgy, Physical Science, Computer Technology, or Engineering Technology field. The scholarship will be awarded based on the submitted applications which will be reviewed by the Chicago District Scholarship Award Committee.

Following are the Guidelines for the Qualification & Selection Process and a downloadable PDF application which must be completed and returned no later than June 15, 2001. Please contact Vern Jones, Chicago District Education Chairman, at (219)399-5237 if you have any questions regarding the program.

The Chicago District Section of the Association of Iron and Steel Engineers, in a continuing effort to promote engineering education, has developed a scholarship program to assist students in obtaining a degree in Engineering, Metallurgy, Physical Sciences, Computer Technology, or Engineering Technology.

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  1. The objective of the AISE - Chicago District Scholarship program is to reward and encourage Chicago area students to prepare for a career in engineering, metallurgy, physical sciences, computer technology, or engineering technology by providing an annual $1,000 grant of financial support per student for a maximum of nine students per year. A scholarship is available for each of a student's four years or less, for "short list" awards, of attendance at an accredited university or college.
  2. The award will be principally based on overall academic achievement, with emphasis on the sciences such as chemistry, mathematics and physics. Consideration will also be given to extracurricular activities and student statements contained in the application. Eligibility for the scholarship will be maintained throughout a student's four years or less, only if he/she remains enrolled full-time in an eligible curriculum and maintains a 2.5 cumulative grade point average (on a 4.0 scale).
  3. Students are eligible to compete for the scholarships who, at the time of application, are the children (natural, step-child, adopted or ward) of a member (Active Member or Associate Member) in good standing of the Chicago District Section of the Association of Iron and Steel Engineers or are a Junior Member in good standing of the Chicago District Section of the AISE. The student must be accepted in, or planning to attend, an eligible full-time curriculum at an accredited university or college. This award will be given without regard for financial need.
  4. The scholarship applications are reviewed by the Scholarship Award Committee. This committee consists of a Chairman (Education Chairman from the Chicago District Executive Committee), a representative of a university or college (not affiliated with the AISE), an associate member of the Chicago District Executive Committee, and the Secretary of the Chicago District. The actual selection of the winners will be made solely by the representative of the university or college. The winners will be notified during July preceding admission to college.

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  1. The scholarships may be used at any accredited university or college.
  2. A student must begin the course of study at the university or college in the fall of the same year that the scholarship is awarded.
  3. The AISE Steel Foundation will forward a lump sum check to the university or college for deposit in the account of the student prior to the end of the calendar year in which the award was made.
  4. In cases where a student's studies or admission are delayed or interrupted for any reason, the Education Chairman of the Chicago District must be advised promptly.
  5. Completed application forms, including student's statements, should be returned by registered mail to the Education Chairman of the Chicago District and postmarked no later than June 15th of the year of the award.
  6. In each subsequent year, the recipients must provide a transcript of studies completed by June 15th to the Education Chairman of the Chicago District in order to remain eligible for the scholarship for the following year. The Scholarship Award Committee will review the transcripts and notify the recipient of the decision during July preceding the school year.
  7. In addition to the scholarship winners, the committee will select additional applicants to fill a "short list". In the case of a winner becoming ineligible, the committee will contact, in their order on the list, the students to award the scholarship. The winner at that time will be subject to the same rules and obligations as if he/she received the award initially.

For additional information pertaining to the

2001-2002 Chicago Section Scholarship Application
please contact Bonita Thomas at [email protected]

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General questions about other AISE Scholarships may be emailed to: foundation

or contact The AISE Steel Foundation at:
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